Spelthorne Young Voices | Why Sing in a Choir?
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Interaction: Our members come from different schools, social, ethnic, and religious backgrounds and it is wonderful to see friendships and supportive circles emerge. All three choirs interact with each other and members show support and empathy both at choir and outside, for example Reception children being befriended by older Primary aged children who may attend the same school.
We are open to all children/young people regardless of ability and also try to accommodate those with disabilities whether of a learning or physical nature ensuring a safe environment for them to learn in.

Life Skills: Our members not only learn how to sing, but how to prepare, rehearse, listen, work as a team, accept responsibility. They learn about commitment, punctuality, how to behave in very public and sometimes high profile occasions. They understand that to produce something of a high standard they will need to work at it and that it won’t happen overnight, and they learn about Stickability – to persevere and not give up because they can’t instantly achieve something or because a seemingly easier or better option has presented itself.

Health and personal wellbeing: Singing is an aerobic activity which stimulates the brain, increases oxygenation in the blood stream and releases wonderful hormones that help relieve anxiety and stress (which children do harbour a lot of at various ages for various reasons). For some children their home or school life may not be a happy one and regardless of their singing ability, SYV provides some respite where they are encouraged to live in the moment and can forget about anything worrying them.

Achievements: Some members of SYV have continued their love of singing to pursue a career in music – some have come back and started their own choirs! Others have found that SYV has provided them with the confidence and self-esteem to join other organisations, not necessarily music related ones. For those who went to university it opened doors to join groups and settle in. In some way whether big or small all our members take something away with them from their time in SYV (and not just the songs that will be in their memory for a very long time!)